Private Spanish Courses in Antigua Guatemala

Private Spanish Courses in Antigua Guatemala
Private Spanish Courses in Antigua Guatemala
Zamora Academia

Learn Spanish in Guatemala – One-on-One Spanish Classes at Academia Sevilla

At Zamora Academia, our experienced teachers develop custom lesson plans based on a student’s goals, basic comprehension level, conversation skills, and learning style.
Our language program is characterized by:
One-on-one classes
Focus on conversation skills
Highly-qualified and experienced instructors
Custom lesson plans designed to meet each student’s needs
Ongoing evaluation of student progress

Every classroom activity focuses on oral and written comprehension and expression skills, giving students the skill and confidence to communicate in any situation.

At Zamora Academia, learning in the classroom is only half of your education. We offer a variety of activities outside of classes to help students practice their Spanish and learn more about our culture.

Dance lessons (salsa and merengue)
Movies in Spanish
Round Table Discussions (focusing on current events in Guatemala)
Local Tours – museums, coffee and macadamia nut plantations, social projects, nearby towns, etc.
Athletic activities
And many more…

If you are planning to stay in Guatemala for an extended period of time, we encourage you to take advantage of the variety of opportunities to volunteer your time while you practice your Spanish.
We can arrange for you to volunteer in local schools, nursing homes and in building projects.