Month-Long Spanish Courses in Cadiz Spain at the Gadir Spanish School

Month-Long Spanish Courses in Cadiz Spain at the Gadir Spanish School
Month-Long Spanish Courses in Cadiz Spain at the Gadir Spanish School
GADIR Escuela Internacional de Espanol

Spanish General Course (20 lessons per week)

This course consists of 4 classes daily, 2 grammar and 2 oral classes. The activities and exercises focus on the development of oral and written skills based on real language communications. This course allows students to improve their oral skills and reach a higher level of linguistic competence in a shorter time.
Levels: All
Dates of commencement: Each Monday of the year
Minimum Length: 1 week
Enrolment and Prices GADIR, is a medium-sized school (of 40-60 students) in which pupils, teachers and organisers all know each other and call each other by their first name from the very beginning. Our main aim is to ensure that during your stay you learn how to speak, think and feel in Spanish.

GADIR is situated in an independent building in the district of the Bahia Blanca, only a few minutes away from the historic city centre and the beach. Our school has seven teaching rooms, a lounge, a library, a video library, a garden and a patio, all for the use of our students.

The Teaching Method and the Teaching Staff

Our teaching method combines the usual study of grammar with debates, talks, role-playing situations, practical classes, etc. The classes, with a maximum of seven students each, are conducted entirely in Spanish from the very first day and guarantee not only an increased command of the Spanish language but also happiness and cordiality. We believe that a friendly atmosphere and teaching with a smile have as big a part to play in the classroom as the exercise books the students use.

To help us to attain our objectives, we employ a group of young teachers who have, nonetheless many years teaching experience in our school and who use our very own teaching methods which are constantly being revised. This is to ensure that our pupils are always taught in accordance with the most recent developments concerning the Spanish language and the practical aspects related to it.